Month: January 2011

  • Steve “Bomber” Brown 110cm Awoonga Dam

    Steve “Bomber” Brown is well known name in the fishing clan. Steve enters OMBC with this classic Awoonga fish of 110cm. Bomber’s fish was caught on 17/11/2007 . He was using a Loomis GL 2 rod teamed with one of Jack Erskine’s Signature Reels loaded with 30lb Bionic Braid. ┬áSteve tells us he was fishing […]

  • Andy Congram 106 cm Marsh Creek, 09/04/09

    Andy Congram enters OMBC with a solid 106 cm wild fish from Marsh Creek , Chambers Bay in the Northern Territory. Andy was using a Loomis GLXcc #10 rod, SA Tropic Express 400 grain line on a Nautilus NV 10/11 reel. The fly that did this fish in was a Chartreuse Fatboy. This is Andy’s […]

  • Official Release day 9/1/11

    Many of you will be visiting here for the first time here to OMBC. This has been on the back burner for some months. We were hoping to launch this site during the busy start of the impoundment Barra season but of course the devastating floods put paid to that in Queensland. With that in […]