Official Release day 9/1/11

Many of you will be visiting here for the first time here to OMBC. This has been on the back burner for some months. We were hoping to launch this site during the busy start of the impoundment Barra season but of course the devastating floods put paid to that in Queensland.

With that in mind and still more rain in the SE of Queensland today we know many Barra simply have gone over the dam walls and into the river systems. This is the time we must come to terms with the fact that much hard work by stocking associations has been washed away. OMBC is committed to donate $3 to stocking groups from every membership. However between now and the end of February we will increase that to $6 for every person whom directly joins OMBC.

I will be visiting some of the dams in SEQ during the first weeks of February to see first hand what is going on and will report back here asap

We look forward to showing you many fine Barra catches here and of course hopefully raise some money to help those impoundment stocking associations and clubs a few dollars to help put some more barra’s back in the ponds!

Best Regards

Randall Bryett