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  • Ross Petfield, 104cm, Pyne River, Weipa, Queensland 05/10/2017

    We would like to welcome Ross Petfield to One Metre Barra Club with this nice 104cm fish. Ross caught this with guide Wade Allen and it was caught on a bait fishing 20lb braid. Again welcome to the club Ross!

  • Simon Foley, 120 cm Pentecost River, Kimberley, WA 30/07/2013

    Simon Foley claims that ” I’m not much of a fisherman” but whilst staying at Home Valley Station  he went on a half day fishing charter with Tom and his opinion may have change. Simon had been on a 5 month trip across Northern Australia from May to October and this fishing afternoon turned out to […]

  • Official Release day 9/1/11

    Many of you will be visiting here for the first time here to OMBC. This has been on the back burner for some months. We were hoping to launch this site during the busy start of the impoundment Barra season but of course the devastating floods put paid to that in Queensland. With that in […]

  • One Metre Barra Club – online

    G’day and welcome to This site has been gently finning in the snags for a little while now just waiting for the right conditions to power on and thrust forward with one engulfing BOOF!  We hope that this becomes the place for anglers to show permanently your metre plus Barramundi laid momentarily on the […]