Asha Mahasuria 102cm Shady Camp 11/02/11

As the first female angler to enter OMBC, Ahsa Mahasuria does it with style with a 102cm Barramundi from Shady Camp river mouth. Not only that this was Asha’s first Barramundi. Asha said ” This is the first Barra I have ever caught, to make it even better the boys were out of luck over the weekend with only the girls catching

Barra, this one was the catch of the day!” Not only was it the catch of the day but the fish is nearly as big as her! Congratulations Asha and welcome to OMBC.

Tackle used
Line: Pink Braid
Reel: Shimano Coriolis CO-100E
Rod: Strudwick Sic Stik 5’10” 6-8kg
Lure: Dark Green Reidy Killa-lure

Asha lies next to fish as big as her
Fish nearly as big as angler!