Anne Griffiths, 117cm Tommycut Creek, Mary River Mouth, NT. 27/03/2011

Anne Griffiths enters the OMBC today with a ripper fish of 117cm taken on the classic Gold Bomber lure. She reeled the fish in on her Calcutta reel on the 27/03/2011 at Tommycut Creek at the mouth of the Mary River in the Northern Territory. Anne had this to say about her catch “She was a very welcome sight after a very wet night camp out in the boat.  All was forgiven when she was landed.  A very nice welcome back
to Barra fishing which I have not done for years.”

Well done Anne fantastic catch for someone just coming off a break from Barra fishing! Welcome to the club and keep on catching!

Anne Griffiths 117cm barra
Anne Griffiths 117cm Barramundi, Mary River, Northern Territory
Anne Griffiths 117cm Barramundi, Mary River Northern Territory

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