Perry Proeger, 122cm South Alligator River, NT. 05/03/2012

We would like to welcome Perry Proeger of Caloundra to the One Metre Barra Club today. Perry was fishing with Chris Jones in the South Alligator River , NT. They were trolling lures when this big girl grabbed the 21 cm Gold Bomber. Perry tells us “this fish did a dance or two with the last aerial propelling her fully airborne”. (You can see by the picture the amount of water she moved in her display not to mention that big piece of gold in her mouth.) Perry added “I still can’t believe I got her in the boat”. We here at OMBC are happy you did and love the action shot mate! Pictures like that speak a thousand words so as always here are the details on the tackle used.
Rod: Team Daiwa Tierra 12-15lb 6′.6″
Reel: Team Daiwa Luna
Lure: 21cm Gold Bomber
Line: 20lb Fire Line Braid

The fish was caught on the change of the tide and went 122cm for 22 kgs. That is another impressive fish for a new member and for the over 120 cm captures here at OMBC. Again welcome Perry to OMBC with this nice fish.

Perry with his 122cm
Perry displays his fish. 122cm & 22kg
Big Barramundi Jumps
The Big Barra Jumps with Gold in the Gob