Leslea Gruber, 105 cm , Daly River, Northern Territory (NT) 11/07/2014

Sometimes when we check the email box here at OMBC we get to see some happy angler with a smile on the dial. Last week when I opened emails of two applications I found a husband and wife team whom both caught and released metre Barramundi within a few days of each other. Letting the pictures speak for themselves you’d have to agree that this is a very happy couple! Leslea opened the account with a fish of 105 cm and was smiles all the way with this capture. You will have to read the next entry to see husband Garry’s fish but I’m sure he was fishing hard after watching this fish come over the side. We welcome Leslea to One Metre barra Club and wish you many more on future fishing trips with Garry

Tackle used
5-8Kg Katu rod
Abu Garcia 6000 classic
30lbs Fireline
Barra Classic 120   Trolling Lure

Leslea Gruber, 105 cm Barramundi
Leslea Gruber, 105 cm Barramundi