Garry Gruber, 114 cm , Daly River, Northern Territory (NT) 14/07/2014

Well here it is Garry Gruber’s 114cm Barramundi that was caught and released 3 days after wife Leslea’s 105cm fish. We would like to welcome Garry to One Metre Barra Club with this wonderful fish from the Daly River. Garry we don’t normally want to get in the middle of husband and wife fishing business but although your fish is bigger than Leslea’s her entry to the club was first! Just saying….. Again congratulations to you both and  welcome.

Tackle used

Abu Garcia 4-6kg rod
Abu Garcia 6000, Original
30lb Braid Fireline braid
Barra Classic 120 Lure   Trolling Lure

Garry Gruber 114cm Barramundi
Garry Gruber 114cm Barramundi