Stuart Wallace, 125cm, Fitzroy River, WA. 25/04/2018

We would like to welcome Stuart Wallace to OMBC with this impressive 125cm Barramundi. Stuart’s entry places him in the seperate over 120cm catergory we have here at the club. His previous best was a 101cm fish.

We asked Stuart to tell us the story.

“After getting out of the swag early to catch the dawn service on the radio I casted a bait out into one of the tributaries of the mighty Fitzroy River which is North of Broome, WA. I was using a Shimano Thunnus 4500, Raider Spin with 30 pound braid.
Suddenly the line took off at a steady rate and when I took up the weight and sunk the hook the monster stood up ready for the fight ahead .This is a memory that will last a life time  I’ve been searching for her for a long time and glad she is still swimming to fight another day. Its hard to describe my feelings but I was definitely shaking as I fought her to the bank !”

Well Stuart I think you will find many of the members will find it hard to describe that feeling when you catch the one. Particularly the BIG ONE!  Welcome to One Metre Barra Club.

125cm, Barramundi Stuart Wallace
125cm, Barramundi Stuart Wallace