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  • Keith Griffiths 123cm, Karumba Queensland 25/04/2013

    We would like to welcome Keith Griffiths to the One Metre Barra Club with a fish that puts him in the over 120cm category. Keith was fishing at Karumba in the Gulf country of Queensland and just after sunrise he connected with this beauty. Keith said ” I was fishing on Anzac Day this year […]

  • David Blackmore 104 cm, Roper River, NT, 23/03/13

    We would like to welcome David Blackmore to the One Metre Barra Club with this classy silver 104cm Roper River Barramundi. David tells us he caught this one early in the morning and the rest of the day was slim pickings with only three fish to hand. He added ” When our first fish was […]

  • Philip Watson, 114cm, Channel Country, Ord River, Kimberleys, WA 07/04/2004

    We would like to welcome our newest member to OMBC. Philip Watson enters the club with an “Oldie but a Goldie”. A 114cm fish that was caught in the Ord River in Western Australia. Philip remembers the fish but not the tackle his guide “Macca” supplied and it does not get more Aussie than that […]

  • Johnno Marven, 118cm, May River, Derby, WA, 20/10/12

    We would like to welcome John “Johnno” Marven to One Metre Barra Club with this nice 118cm fish from the May river in Derby,  Western Australia. Johnno tells us that he caught this one amongst a bunch of others at this location. The top numbers 118, 102, 97, 95 all coming off one snag. He […]