Keith Griffiths 123cm, Karumba Queensland 25/04/2013

We would like to welcome Keith Griffiths to the One Metre Barra Club with a fish that puts him in the over 120cm category. Keith was fishing at Karumba in the Gulf country of Queensland and just after sunrise he connected with this beauty. Keith said ” I was fishing on Anzac Day this year and just after sunrise I was casting a Rapala X-Rap 140 lure in a small creek amongst a heavily timbered section of the river. I had high hopes and anticipation of being ambushed by a nice Barra….and I was! He went on to say “The fight lasted about 5 minutes and once boat side my mate grabbed her. Quickly we snapped a few photos and recorded some video footage before releasing her unharmed.”  Keith used a Shimano Calcutta 250 reel on a t-curve rod loaded with 30lb braid

Great entry to OMBC Keith with this beautiful 123 cm barramundi. Again welcome an congratulations!

For readers information the Norman River flows through the town of Karumba and barramundi fishing is part and parcel of this communities lifestyle. Check it out here

Keith Griffiths 123cm barramundi