Simon Foley, 120 cm Pentecost River, Kimberley, WA 30/07/2013

Simon Foley claims that ” I’m not much of a fisherman” but whilst staying at Home Valley Station  he went on a half day fishing charter with Tom and his opinion may have change. Simon had been on a 5 month trip across Northern Australia from May to October and this fishing afternoon turned out to be one of the biggest highlights for him.  Simon tells us that it was an extraordinary day and at 5 pm in the last few remaining minutes before packing up the fish started biting!  This big fish grabbed Simons popper lure and the battle was on. He went on to say ” The gear was pretty light not sure of the exact breaking strain but it took 20 minutes to land. What a magnificent fish.” We agree Simon and would like to welcome you to the One Metre Barra Club. Things got a little muddy for Simon as you can see and I’m sure wearing a white shirt fishing is something he will not recommend but hey if you catch fish like that why not? Congratulations Simon good job!

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