Russell Keevers 125cm Little Coleman River, Queensland 10/08/2006

We would like to welcome Russell Keevers to the One Metre Barra Club with this beautiful 125 cm fish caught in the Little Coleman River, Far North Queensland. Russell caught his fish on GL 2 Loomis rod teamed with a Shimano Calcutta 250 spooled with 25 lb braid. He was using a 150mmm RMG lure. When landing fish Russell likes to take a few quick picks and pencil mark nose and tail on the front deck so he can get the fish back in the water quick. We love to see great catch and release practices for these big fish. As this fish is Russells entry into OMBC we would like to congratulate him and enter him in the over 120 cm category. Congratulations Russell on a grand entry and again welcome !