Leonard Eichmann, 115cm, Calliope River, Gladstone, Queensland 12/05/2104

We would like to welcome Leonard Eichmann to One Metre Barra Club with this 115cm Barramundi from the Calliope River in Gladstone. Leonard caught this fish while he was in Gladstone for a week of work. Leonard told us he used a live mullet for bait and when she hooked up fought hard with plenty of tail walking whilst running him up and down the river. It took about ten or so minutes before she gave up and was landed. For the gear junkies he was using Shimano Mexican Fire Rod 5-10kg, Shimano Elf 5000 reel loaded with 22 pound braid and a 40lb fluro leader at the business end. Leonard proudly reports that this beautiful girl was released after the pictures were taken. Let me quote Leonard here “It was the best week away working I have ever had”. I think that speaks volumes. Congratulations mate and again welcome to OMBC.

Leonard Eichmann 115cm Barramundi
Leonard Eichmann 115cm Barramundi, Calliope River , Gladstone, Queensland