Category: Barramundi over 120cm

  • Russell Keevers 125cm Little Coleman River, Queensland 10/08/2006

    We would like to welcome Russell Keevers to the One Metre Barra Club with this beautiful 125 cm fish caught in the Little Coleman River, Far North Queensland. Russell caught his fish on GL 2 Loomis rod teamed with a Shimano Calcutta 250 spooled with 25 lb braid. He was using a 150mmm RMG lure. […]

  • Simon Foley, 120 cm Pentecost River, Kimberley, WA 30/07/2013

    Simon Foley claims that ” I’m not much of a fisherman” but whilst staying at Home Valley Station  he went on a half day fishing charter with Tom and his opinion may have change. Simon had been on a 5 month trip across Northern Australia from May to October and this fishing afternoon turned out to […]

  • Keith Griffiths 123cm, Karumba Queensland 25/04/2013

    We would like to welcome Keith Griffiths to the One Metre Barra Club with a fish that puts him in the over 120cm category. Keith was fishing at Karumba in the Gulf country of Queensland and just after sunrise he connected with this beauty. Keith said ” I was fishing on Anzac Day this year […]

  • Perry Proeger, 122cm South Alligator River, NT. 05/03/2012

    We would like to welcome Perry Proeger of Caloundra to the One Metre Barra Club today. Perry was fishing with Chris Jones in the South Alligator River , NT. They were trolling lures when this big girl grabbed the 21 cm Gold Bomber. Perry tells us “this fish did a dance or two with […]

  • Greg Whitley 124cm Monduran Dam

    Greg Whitley takes the honor of being this first OMBC member to have the first Barramundi over 120cm entered to the club. Greg 124 cm fish was caught with guide Paul Dolan at Monduran Dam. Congratulations Greg!